Tuesday, October 28, 2008

this 'n that

well, kirbs and i got our flu shots today . . . neither of us needed restraint! yeah us, we are so brave. now all of us (except jacob) should be flu-resistant for another year.

i finished heather & robert's wedding invitations and am just about done with a big order of cards for the campus store at bethel. so soon i will be able to breathe again (well, sort of . . . at least i'll be done with the bigger work-related projects for a little while) and maybe finish a whole book. i have missed my reading time past week or two!

the weather today is beautiful, although a little chilly, sunny and crisp. fall is the best.

enjoy your day everyone.

oh yeah, stay tuned for friday. there's gonna be a fun post . . . with a little contest . . . which will be rewarded with a prize of some sort if you are a winner! (although you are all winners even if you completely bomb the little quiz i'll be posting on friday. hopefully that will bring you comfort if you don't win the acutal, tangible prize!)

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