Wednesday, October 29, 2008

7 months of anna . . . +1 day

believe it or not our "baby" is 7 months old already. her "birthday" was yesterday and was without a whole lot of fanfare . . . i pretty much forgot until this morning that it was her "birthday". we're creepin' up on a year and i know it'll be here before i know it . . . not to mention, before it want it. they grow up all too fast!

play time: some of you may have these new fangled baby toys at your house too. they come in handy when cooking (or so i've heard . . . i'm not much of a cook!!) anna loves them. why we spend money on toys is still a mystery to me. an empty box, a measuring cup, some pots and pans . . . what else could a baby really need or want? anna was loving her measuring cups on the kitchen floor this morning.

always on the move!!! "just try gettin' a picture of me!! ha ha!"

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