Tuesday, October 21, 2008

this is what i'm talkin' about

anna showin' off her skills: this is where many of my current problems begin . . . please, child, just remain seated! oh well, she has to learn to get down soon, right? let's hope it doesn't take much longer. she is pretty cute, though, isn't she?

joe's baseball shirt got dirty, so he finally took it off (it hadn't been off -- except to bathe -- since thursday, i think! yikes!)

sleep went better last night, but not by a whole lot. lydia's asthma keep her coughing, actually hacking is a better description, most of the night but she didn't venture up to our room. joe woke up a time or two and i think i was up with anna only 4 or 5 times! rebekah and jacob gave us zero trouble. oh, and joe got up at 6:42 when i was trying to work on my Bible study! but went back to bed . . . kinda!
the movie was really good (thanks mimi!). i think you should all see it . . . does anyone else think dakota fanning looks like drew barrymore? just curious!
i love my momma!!!


  1. look at her~ Before you know it, she'll be skating, and biking, and then driving!!!

  2. Hey Shana! Fancy meeting you here is RIGHT!!!

    Cutie-pie of a baby girl you have!

    I have an athsma kid, too... if you ever want to commisserate (sp?), I'm all ears :)

    Nice to "see" you!!


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