Monday, October 20, 2008

fun weekend

well, the kids had 2.5 days off of school last week and we had a great time together. saturday we drove down to red wing and took in some of God's beautiful creation (rivers, gorgeous fall colors, hills, cows, horses, a few llama, sheep, birds . . . so much beauty!) we had a picnic and hiked to the top of barn bluff. it was an amazing fall weekend with great weather and we made the most of it. driving back we crossed over the river and spent a few miles in wisconsin and saw some of the beauty "across the border" . . . funny thing though, it looked pretty much just like minnesota!view from the top (one of them, anyway). there's a really pretty church in the picture, but it's a little tough to see in the tiny version . . . but you get the idea. it was quite the vista!
rebekah taking in the view on the way down the bluff.
daddy leading the pack on the way down the trail.
we took a little time to relax by the river after our big hike (it took about 90 minutes for the 7 of us to get up to the top and back down again). there was a HUGE riverboat picking up passengers in red wing for a 19-day river cruise ending in new orleans. what a fun trip that would be!! i don't think joe (our boat fanatic) even realized it was a boat. it was so big, i'm sure he thought it was a building or something. you can see a little of the "american queen" here in the background.

my babies . . . the biggest one and the littlest one!


  1. Your family is so beautiful. I can't believe you have FIVE.

    Holy cow!


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