Thursday, October 2, 2008

15 things

15 things i made:

1. this clip 2. this vow 3. this milk 4. this clipboard 5. this girl 6. this bed 7. this mess 8. this girl 9. this gift 10. this sweet baby 11. this boy 12. this best friend 13. this boy 14. this picture 15. this pot

(i had help with #'s 5,8,10,11 & 13 . . . thanks kirbs, you're the best!)

note: this idea wasn't original with me, my inspiration came from this

one more note: as to #12, i didn't actually make allison the way i made the other people pictured, (my 5 kiddos) i made her as in "i made a new friend today", got it? i figured you did, but just in case you wondered how i made someone so close in age to me (although i am older) and distinctly asian looking . . . there you have it!

feel free to share some things that you've made!


  1. Oooh! I love this! Be prepared to see something simliar on "ruthie's" blog someday soon...


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