Sunday, October 5, 2008

the best news ever

tonight, 10.05.08, joey asked jesus to come into his heart! yeah!
(in case you were wondering what that big party in heaven tonight was all about, now you know!)
we couldn't be happier!

we have rocks at our house to help us remember special times in the spiritual life of our family. joey got a rock in the bowl tonight!

it's kind of our way of building an altar of remembrance to the lord as was done so many times in scripture:
  • then noah built an altar to the lord (gen. 8.20)
  • so he built an altar there to the lord (gen. 12.7)
  • where he built an altar to the lord (gen. 13.18)
  • isaac built an altar there and called on the name of the lord (gen. 26.25)
  • and build an altar there to God (gen. 35:1)
  • moses built an altar and called it the lord is my banner (ex. 17.15)
  • build there an altar to the lord your God, an altar of stones (deut. 27.5)
  • so gideon built an altar to the lord (jdg. 6.24)
  • david built an altar to the lord (2 sam. 7.17)
  • david built an altar to the lord (1 chron 21.26)
  • he restored the altar of the lord (2 chron 15.8)
i could go on, but you get the idea.


  1. Praise the Lord! We love you Joe!

  2. That is the best news!!!! I need to start reading this every day. Something big always happens! Joe - we are so thrilled for you and are so glad to not only call you nephew but now a brother in Christ! Love you guys!

    the N. Minneapolis crew

  3. What an awesome idea with the rocks!!! I think our family may have to pick this one up!


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