Friday, October 17, 2008

flu shots

so, yesterday we went to get our flu shots: "our" being rebekah's, lydia's and joe's -- jacob can't get the flu shot because he's allergic to egg and the flu shot is cultured in egg or something weird like that. anna got her first dose at her 6 month check up the other day, she'll get the 2nd dose in a month (you have to get 2 doses the first time you get a flu shot.) the pediatricians office wasn't really the place for kirb and me, so we'll get ours in a week or so at the flu shot clinic at nwc.

so, a couple days before the appointment the kids somehow find out (see it written on the calendar or something) and start worrying. i explain why we get shots . . . "getting the shot is better than getting the flu", etc. the next day lydia is beside herself with worry (she was worried about her kindergarten shots for over 18 months and talked about them EVERY day, at least once, from when she was about joe's age until she actually got them! this girl doesn't like shots!!!) rebekah attends to lydia's worry by saying, and i quote: "lydia, the flu shot helps you not get the flu. the flu is really bad and you get really sick. some children even die from the flu. WOULD YOU RATHER DIE OR WOULD YOU RATHER GET A SHOT?" so there you have it . . . i guess it all boils down to choices. so, lydia, what'll it be?

fast forward a couple days and we are actually at the clinic. everyone is pretty calm in the waiting room -- oh wait, on the way there joe told me: "i'm aller-gick to egg. i can't ge the flu shot" (i guess i know where he heard that, but really -- how does he come up with this stuff at JUST the right time??) . . . so, we're back in the waiting room and people are pretty calm. lydia is nervous and joe is still claiming "aller-gick" status. a friend of mine is also in the waiting room, waiting (hmmm, surprising i know!) for her little guy's appointment. the nurse comes out and says "rebekah, lydia and joseph" and i say "that's us guys, let's go." everyone is pretty cooperative and follows the nurse into room #1. i ask rebekah (the calm, not worried one) if she could be brave and go first to show joe and lj that it's not too bad and they'll be fine. she (completely unexpectedly) starts shaking, crying, screaming and violently refusing her shot!! i usually have a pretty decent handle on my kids, but i did NOT see this one coming. anyway, she is completely freaking out!!! lj volunteers to go first and is completely calm about it and it goes great! she tells rebekah it doesn't hurt but that does nothing to calm her down. i try to help hold her still, but the girl is strong and it's just not working. i take her in the corner and reason with her, pray with her, etc. NOTHIN'! she is still OOC! (out of control, in case you don't know that one -- we use it a lot in our house!) so another nurse comes in to restrain her and she gets the shot. then joe gets his . . . worse than lydia, but not as bad as rebekah (he needs no restraining nurse but does tense his arm, so she can't get the stuff in right away, but eventually it goes in!) everyone gets stickers and we're ready to leave. i see my friend (still waiting) in the waiting room on the way out and she gives me a "i'm so sorry" look and i ask if she could hear us from out there (quite a ways away, mind you!) and she nods her head and says "i was thinking about you". we walk out to the van with red eyes and sore arms and an emotionally spent mom.

well, at least we don't have to do that again . . . until next october that is!! yikes. maybe today we can start worrying about that day: seems logical, don't you think!

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  1. Sounds like a story I know about a young girl who freaks out, escapes down the hallway running toward the waiting room screaming- the nurses give chase. She gets caught but not before she's completely scared EVERY other child in the waiting room. I still hate needles. : )


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