Saturday, October 18, 2008

ouch! part 2

we got the "this is not a bill" statement from joey's stitches in the mail. arguably more painful than the actually injury and stitches put together!!! how does it work that i bust my butt to clip coupons for 45 cents off my laundry detergent and in a minute spend nearly a thousand dollars getting 2 little stitches in my son's head? just makes me wonder why i try so hard. anyway, we are obviously more thankful that joe is ok than we are mad about the "not a bill." i'll get over it, i just needed to vent a little!

now i'm off to have a fun, beautiful fall day with my family!! yeah!

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  1. We've had our share of medical bills in the past too. It always amazes me at what little thing they did and what big price tag it holds!


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