Tuesday, April 19, 2016

4 weeks. 4 birthdays!

4 of our 6 kids have had a birthday in the past 4 weeks. That makes for lots of celebrating. Lots of cake. Lots of singing. Lots of birthday punches (51 total, to be exact!). Lots of gifts. Lots of cards. Lots of gratitude for each of their lives.

On March 23rd Jacob turned 17 and Rebekah turned 15.

Then just 5 days later, Anna turned 8.

Today, Joe turns 11.

It's so true what they say. "The days are long, but the years are short!" It is amazing to me at how quickly the years go by. That very first baby that I held in my arms who made me a mama is 17 already. In a year he will be a legal adult. He drives a car (and sometimes a HUGE van) and makes his own plans and very shortly will be moving out of our house. It all comes so fast. I am thrilled with the people each of our kids are becoming, but I miss the littleness of them. Snuggles on the couch aren't quite the same any more. They don't need me the same as they used to. They still need me, but it's so different. I love it and I also miss what used to be.

My favorite thing is watching them develop friendships with each other. They truly love and care about one another. And more and more they enjoy spending time together and are really becoming great friends. It is so wonderful for us to see. Besides the fact that they each love the Lord, nothing makes me happier than seeing them become friends with one another. I love they way they tease and support and annoy and encourage one another. I love seeing them come up with amazingly thoughtful gifts for one another that are so meaningful and special to the person they are giving them too. I love our kiddos and the wonderful people they are becoming!

What the birthday kids are in to these days ::

Jacob (17) ::
Ultimate Frisbee
church softball
anything sports-related
hanging out with friends
mowing lawns

Rebekah (15) ::
taking driver's ed
social media
Trout Lake Camp
Miranda Sings
perfecting her Miranda Sings impression (it's pretty darn fabulous, if you ask me!)
Catalyst (before school Bible study)
church/youth group
laying in her hammock
Gilmore Girls

Anna (8) ::
being outside
church (her friend Pastor Troy)
her newly-pierced ears

Joe (11) ::
all things sports
Nerf guns
school patrol -- walking line
Koalas (he is OBSESSED!)
Marvel super heroes (especially Captain America)
Fuller House (Netflix in general!)
being outside

I am so very grateful to have each of them as a part of our family!