Sunday, October 26, 2008

family fun 1986-style!

1986 called and they want their family night back . . .

we just capped off our weekend with all 7 of us curled up with blankets in the living room where we watched a few episodes of "the cosby show, season 2" that i borrowed from the library today!! the kids loved it and we loved it. that bill cosby is a comic genius if ever there was one! we saw the one where rudy tries to make jelly by putting grapes in cliff's juicer and the one where the family performs a song for cliff's parents on their 49th anniversary: theo, rudy and cliff lip sinc and claire and the 3 big girls are the backup singers/dancers. it was a riot and i remembered watching those episodes the first time around like it was yesterday . . . i guess that made this a flashback sunday too! nothin' but fun to be had around here, that's for sure!!

when we were done joe said to me "if you don't give me some more candy i will hit you!" what a sweet boy . . . if only they could bottle that stuff up so that i could remember it more vividly in 30 years! oh well, too bad!


  1. Yep, he is definitely my all time fav comedian! I used to have his records With stories of "Chicken heart" and "Noah". Hilarious!
    My kids like the Dukes and the A team.

  2. that sounds like so much fun! i wonder if our library has any of those dvds too. i wish they'd bring the cosby show back to regular tv again. good, clean, family entertainment. can't beat that!


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