Thursday, October 2, 2008

bummer bud

joey doesn’t usually nap, but he screamed himself to sleep this afternoon after throwing a HUGE (obviously physically draining on him and quite draining on me as well) fit!

they are learning about fire safety at preschool this month (complete with real, live fireman and his big truck . . . next week should be exciting!) today they must have learned about smoke detectors because as we were driving in the van he asked me if we had a smoke detector. i said yes and he asked where. i told him there was one in the hall outside his room, one in the basement and one upstairs by mommy and daddy's room. and on and on it went for a little while. he asked again a little later about his smoke detector (his being an important word in this sentence . . . but i wouldn't understand that until later). so we talk a little more about smoke detectors and traveled home. when we get here he wants to see where his smoke detector is. i show him where it is up on the ceiling in the hallway. well . . . turns out it is his (remember!) and he wants it!!
so, the completely hysterical screaming fit was because (bad mom that i am) i wouldn't give his smoke detector to him. i tried to reason with him, i gave him a time out because he wouldn't stop screaming, i gave him a little fwapp (that's what we call it anyway) on the lip when he STILL wouldn't stop screaming and had woken up anna. finally i shut the door on him in his room and miraculously he stayed there on his own . . . screaming like mad. i went to the kitchen to sort through the rapidly multiplying stacks of paper on the counter and notice that the screaming had stopped. i went to peek in his room and this is what i found:

and in case you're wondering . . . yup, he always sleeps way in the corner of his bed just like that . . . although usually he's not wearing his ladybug boots!

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  1. I wish I had pictures in my computer of my kids at nap time! I remember having to let them scream too thinking I was a terrible mommy. I have one pic of one of the little stinkers going to sleep in the closet! The other times, they just fall asleep trying to look out the bottom of the door!

    Very cute!


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