Thursday, October 30, 2008

a budding photographer . . . and theologian???

i walked in on joe holding my camera. "what are ya doin' buddy?" i asked. "takin' pictures of sings [things]." he answered.
well, that's for sure . . . he probably took about 25 pictures (thank goodness for digital cameras!!) here is just a sampling of his photo shoot that i would entitle "around the house." enjoy! oh, if you want to take a stab at correctly identifying them all, it might be fun. give it a shot!!


joe was standing in the kitchen with me when he picked up a bible from the counter and said “I will read the bible to you.” i quick grabbed a pen and paper and wrote as fast as i possibly could. i know i missed a thought here or there, but for the most part i got it all . . . and what i did get is word for word as it came from his mouth. i think it’s pretty funny, hope you enjoy it too!

"i will read the bible to you:
once upon a time God was on a beautiful house ship. it had a big, giant huge flag on it that reached up to the sky because God made the sky.
ok, 2nd three [i think that is the reference . . . you know like 2nd peter or something]: he hoped in and flew-ed back into the sky. and God heard a loud noise.
chapter 3: once upon a time God did nothing. he just stayed home.
chapter 4: God went in his house and went under the covers so he couldn’t see the monsters.
chapter 1 [we’ll have to work a little on the order that the numbers come in, i guess]: God got his beautiful present . . . there was knocking at the door and he said “who’s that knocking?” and he went to the door. but it was a bad guy. but soon he will be a good guy. [pretty sound theology, i’d say . . . the bad become good when they come to God’s door!!]
guess what God saw when he went to the jungle? a dinosaur. then God was sleeping because he was tired. then God went through the jungle and heard a really loud beeping noise and heard a roarrrrr and it was a tiger. and God went back to sleep and he sleeped, sleeped, sleeped. so then God wak-ed up and then God opened his eyes. – mom, when the moon is out God can sleep [this was a little sidebar joe said to me after i told him that God doesn’t sleep . . . he quickly went back to “reading the bible”] – God saw the beautiful rain and the beautiful snow and that is the end."

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  1. Shana, I love how you are able to capture all these little moments in life. I think chapter 3 is my favorite.

    You should print and frame that original artwork. It's so modern! ;)


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