Friday, October 10, 2008

flashback friday

i'm completely sure this idea is not unique with me, but i haven't seen it anywhere else. i just decided to launch "flashback friday" with a picture from the past. it was hard to pick a picture, but i couldn't resist this cute one . . . be very quiet while reading this post, there's a sleeping baby!

do you know who it is? give me your guesses. all my babies look quite similar, i know -- and some of you didn't know them all as babies, but have at it anyway! enjoy and have a great weekend!

p.s. can you believe it? one of my kids sleeping on their back? on the couch, no less -- maybe no one told me you shouldn't put your baby on the couch, apparently it's not safe or something! : ) maybe all that will be a hint as to who it is?!?!

note: i DO know that i wrote "jacob" in the tags for this post . . . i only did that after a couple people had guessed it correctly. yeah amada and annie! good work ladies!


  1. It's totally Jake. He hasn't changed one bit! Ooh... I miss those kids.

    And I love your idea for flashback friday. I'm sure it will catch on... a blog craze soon to be sweeping the nation!

  2. Definitely Jacob...the lips say it all!

    By the way, how did you like Linda Hall? Miss you guys!


  3. Um, I'm going to guess Jacob! Is that right? Did you know you put his name under labels? He he! It's a very cute pic!

  4. What a sweet picture. I have seen flashback friday but also friday funnies. :)

  5. that was an easy one. i loved that baby. and still do...the big kid...i cant believe it.


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