Friday, October 24, 2008

flash[way]back friday

the year is 1993. it is valentine's day (thus explaining the VERY fashionable sweater with the hearts!!) and these 2 kids are pretty smitten with each other.

i am a little surprised at myself for posting this picture, since i have so many cute pictures of my kiddos that i could use. but i say . . . if you can't make a litle bit of fun of yourself (and your husband!!!) then that's sure a shame. enjoy! and have a few laughs at our expense . . . honestly, the bangs . . . also a shame!


  1. Sara doesn't believe me that this is a picture of you guys.

  2. I have a few of "those" pictures! I can't believe how BIG my hair was~
    Thanks for posting it!


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