Monday, October 20, 2008

not me monday

i got the fun idea for not me monday from here. here goes, enjoy . . .

  1. i did not febreeze joe's sheets after he got them a "teensy" bit wet while taking an unexpected nap wearing his undies (which we don't usually allow him to do when sleeping! it's a dangerous combination) . . . i mean, i had JUST washed them the day before . . . and it's a bunk bed, those things make me break out in a sweat when i change the sheets. (note: i did wash them the next day, so he didn't sleep on dried, febreezed urine for too long!)
  2. nope, i didn't go through the arby's drive thru straight from the Y today. that would pretty much negate my workout, so i really wouldn't do that!!
  3. i didn't bribe my kids (one in particular -- who will remain nameless) with everything i could think of to try and make the flu shot a less traumatic experience (you can read about that here if you missed it!)
  4. i didn't think happy thoughts about the "play continuously" feature on the dvd when i had stuff i REALLY needed to get done!
  5. i didn't invite the ginn's over for dinner via my blog . . . whatta ya say amanda, you wanna come over?
  6. i didn't let joe wear the same shirt for approximately 4 days in a row . . . wear it, sleep in it, wear it again, sleep in it again, wear it (to church nonetheless!!!), sleep in it . . . you get the idea. it is his favorite . . . with the baseball on it . . . and, amazingly, it's not visibly dirty yet!
  7. i didn't blog when i should be making wedding invitations (sorry, heather . . . i'll get right on it in just a sec, i promise!)
i'm just sure i wouldn't do any of that kind of stuff (wink, wink!)


  1. ROFL! I found you via "Not Me Monday". Definately enjoying you! :)

  2. that is what fabreeze is for


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