Monday, October 20, 2008

rough night

last night was not the best night ever around here. see what you think:

*8:15 pm: all 5 kids are in their respective beds and are working on falling asleep. it had been a busy weekend and 3 of the 5 had swimming lessons, so it shouldn't take too long!! (keep those fingers crossed!)

8:45 pm: both parents fall asleep in the living room due to complete exhaustion!

10:00 pm: i wake up to anna screaming (she is standing in her crib and doesn't know how to get back down to a horizontal position without help!!) i wake up kirb and tell him to go up to bed. i help anna get horizontal again . . . and nurse her while i'm at it in hopes of delaying the next awakening

10:20 pm: rebekah comes into our room because she "can't fall asleep". we tell her that she has been asleep for a couple hours already and has not really been lying awake as long as she says. we send her back to bed.

11ish pm: anna wakes up again (#2)

1:54 am: anna awake and crying (#3)

2:15 am: lydia comes into our room. she is sad and scared and has had a bad dream. daddy prays with her, hugs her and sends her back to bed.

2:17 am: anna awake and screaming! (#4)

2:19 am: after a teeny tiny break in crying anna needs a little attention again . . . when will she learn not to pull herself up in the first place? that would solve SO MANY problems.

2:30 am: joe needs something . . . dad goes down to check. (God bless him!)

nearly 3 am: anna again . . . what can i say?

3 something am: lydia comes to bed with us, she is too scared to sleep in her bed. until nearly 6 i "sleep" completely squished between lydia (whose less-than-50-pounds somehow take up at least half the bed) and kirb (who is snoring off and on!!) needless to say not much actual sleep was got!

nearly 6 am: anna up again (time #7 if you're counting!). i nurse her and decide going back to bed is pretty much worthless. by 6:30 or so i am packing school lunches and making sure backpacks are in order for the morning.

thanks jacob for being the ONLY person in this 7-person household to sleep all night, so i guess it COULD have been worse. hopefully tonight will be better . . . i think i'm due for a little caffiene if i'm going to make it through "the secret life of bees" this afternoon without nodding off!!! yeah for a fun girls outting with my favorite mom, mimi and brie! i can't wait!!

* all times are approximate -- i really didn't have enough energy to turn my head to look at the clock. for the most part the events recorded here are, at least, in chronological order!

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  1. Oh my word!!!! I'm exhausted just reading about it. You poor thing, I don't know how you do it!


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