Wednesday, October 1, 2008

this and that

alrighty, here are a few things (in no particular order):

  • i think that everyone should read this, i won't say any more about it, just read!

  • on monday the kids had the day off from school so kirb bugged out of work a teeny bit early and we spent a few hours at the mn landscape arboretum. we love it there and we had a great time running around and looking at God's beautiful creation. the kids love to go there . . . they love the japanese garden and especially the big hedge maze -- i spent 25 minutes in there and still needed the kids help (from the watchtower) to get out! yikes! we had a great day! here are a few pics for you.

  • i got this sweet note from rebekah after we'd been there . . . what a girl! (here's the translation if you don't read 2nd grade girl: "dear mom, thank you for taking us to the arboretum [she asked me how to spell that one, that's why it's right]. it was so fun! i love you so much. God makes so many good things! xoxox love, rebekeah") can you beat that?

  • on the way to the arboretum we crossed over the new 35w bridge for the first time. it seemed to work just great! i snapped these pictures whie on there! note: kirb and jacob crossed the bridge exactly one week (almost down to the minute) before it collapsed! we are so thankful they weren't on it on that fateful night (8.1.07)

  • kirb's grandma jaros (his mom's mom) died on saturday night, so kirb and rebekah will be heading out in the morning for the funeral. the rest of us will stay here and hold down the fort since we were just there 6 weeks ago and plan to go back for thanksgiving. the 7-8 hour drive with 5 kids 3 times in 4 months just didn't sound like something i was up for at this moment!

enjoy! have a wonderful day!


  1. A hedge maze?!?! I had no idea there was one at the Arboretum. I Adore mazes. I will totally have to go there.
    Ps- love the blog. I would agree with you: we are so close to being twins its almost eerie.

  2. Oh that note is so sweet! I haven't yet attempted scanning things in for the blog. The Arboretum would be a great homeschool field trip. Have you ever homeschooled???


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