Monday, October 13, 2008

this 'n that

here are some random things from the past few days:

birthday celebration: here is the birthday boy with his 5 favorite little people!! (notice anna is wearing her birthday cupcake shirt . . . she insisted she wear that for daddy's birthday. she's very involved in her fashion decisions at this point in life!)

i saw gas for $2.74 on saturday . . . it's like they're givin' it away or something! (just kiddin'!!)

AND THE WINNER IS . . . organic carrots!! finally we found something anna will actually keep in her mouth and i think it even gets to her stomach for the most part. up until this discovery she just spit everything back out at us. fun, i know!!! yum, yum. eat up!

jacob just said (about his spelling homework): "3 of my sentences are about politics." YIKES, aren't you only 9? (here are his sentences, with the spelling word in bold: you can elect obama or mccain. elections are in november. predictions say that obama is going to win. -- don't worry, he won't get marked down for bad grammar. he actually did capitalize the things that should be capitalized. i just took liberty to make it all lowercase when i blogged 'em.)

anna has been a little confused about the order in which you are supposed to achieve developmental milestones, but today she mastered sitting (only AFTER mastering crawling and pulling herself to a standing position . . . silly girl, you are supposed to sit first. maybe she didn't read that part of the "what to expect the first year" book). anyway, we don't expect to see much sitting, since it requires you to be still -- which anna usually is not.

6 kid weekend: (i DO realize only 5 of the 6 are in this picture, but we didn't get one with all 6 of them together, sorry! we were a little busy!) we made it through our nearly 48 hours as a family of 8. we had to drive 2 cars to church because we wouldn't all fit in the van, but we had a great time. sam, come back anytime! we love you! this picture was from nwc's homecoming this weekend -- fyi: we won! go eagles!

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