Wednesday, January 14, 2009

welcome to 2002!

the nice man from qwest is coming sometime between 12 and 5 today to free me from dial-up. i wouldn't quite call it "high speed", but it will be a huge improvement! (thanks mom & dad -- this was one of my christmas presents. arguably one of my very favorites!) i can't wait! the stoll's have officially entered 2002, maybe in another 20 years we'll get cable, or i might even get myself an ipod or something else equally as amazing!

about 4ish this morning i "woke up" to change positions in bed (with joe sleeping peacefully next to me, i might add, all stretched out and takin' up half the bed) and realized i must have been sleeping weird on my right arm because the whole thing was completely asleep. i punched myself in the face twice trying to get my arm to cooperate. now that is a weird sensation!

it's still completely freezing here. today it might make it up to 1 (but i won't count on it) and tomorrow is supposed to be the coldest day yet -- as it turns out yesterday, which never got above -2, and had windchills of over 30 below wasn't the worst of it . . . joy!

next time i post it will go so much faster. yeah!


  1. we have a love/hate relationship with our wireless but it definitely is a blessing! glad you guys are staying warm. we passed on going to small group tonight so that Haddon wouldn't freeze his little ears off. Thankfully he never has to leave the house!

  2. wireless internet? my folks have that up here. it's hands down better than dial-up and it's supposed to be faster than my satellite internet, but sometimes i don't think it's even as fast. maybe it's their computer or something. i dunno. anyways, you should definitely notice a huge difference! happy day!


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