Monday, January 12, 2009

monday musings

we had a great weekend! kirb and i watched "august rush" on friday night. if you haven't seen it, you really should. it's great! saturday night we got to have a little date . . . well, anna came along and we went to home depot, does that still count? we thought it did . . . plus we ate at noodles & co. which i love!! the 4 big kids went to night trains at the model railroad museum (also something you should do if you have't . . . well, if you live around here anyway!), and then to perkins, with my parents and had a grand time! plus, it was joe's night for a sleepover . . . what fun! but then saturday night i decided to read a chapter or two in the book i was currently reading after we went up to bed. well, turns out i couldn't put it down (i'm book-lover and read TONS, but this doesn't usually happen to me . . . i love my sleep too much, i think!). so, unintentionally, i stayed up until nearly 2am when finally i finished the book. that wasn't a super good plan and i'm sure i'll be reapin' the consequences for a few days! but the book was great and now the next person waiting in line at the library for it can enjoy it a little sooner! (in case you are wondering the book is "the shape of mercy" by susan meissner . . . and another super fun thing about it was that one of my college roommates husbands -- don't be confused, she only has one husband, but i had more than one roommate in college, got it? -- is an editor and he helped edit the book . . . which i found out when reading the "acknowledgements" section in the back. i felt nearly famous when i read his name there! good job, mick!)

well, the week is off and runnin' already! the snow is falling like crazy here. it is BEAUTIFUL! just like somebody shook up a snow globe. i went to the Y this morning and am SO glad to have gotten my workout in for the day early. now i can just snuggle up with a blanket and not leave the house the rest of the day . . . except maybe to shovel for kirbs before he comes home . . . well, that and the fact that we're out of milk and i should probably run out and get some after the reinforcements arrive so that i don't have to bring any kiddos out in this!

so, joe has taken to sleeping most of the night in our bed the past couple weeks. i'm not sure where it came from but he says, first of all, that he's afraid (i guess jacob is not as protective as mom & dad!) and also he always tell us, "i don't know how to go to sleep!" when we ask him to go to sleep in his own bed. it's pretty pitiful. he says it in this really sad voice, almost crying. if you heard it, you would let him invade your bed too, i bet! anyway, this morning i was up and showered and joe was still asleep in my bed. not wanting him to wake up i decided to get dressed in the dark . . . theoretically that shouldn't be too hard. so, i opened the drawer and started puttin' on the clothes. things were going fine until i put on my bra (sports bra ya know, since i was headed to the Y and all!) . . . backwards. in the dark it's really hard, i now realize, to tell the back from the front . . . well, until you get it on that is. then it is quite obvious that something is not right! i got it turned around and the day has been going well ever since.

happy monday!

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