Saturday, January 10, 2009

to sleep or not to sleep?

so, last night 5 of the 7 people that live at our house ended up in our bed at some point in the night! there was an hour or two where 4 of us were in there at the same time . . . come on people, it's only a queen sized bed and all of you (except kirb . . . he shares with me!) have beds of your own (that you don't even need to share) in other rooms!!! let's remember that, shall we?
and how is it that a 45-pound person can take up an ENTIRE queen sized bed? just lay straight buddy and keep hands, feet and objects to yourself! it's not really that tough!
here's to a better night of sleepin' at the stoll house tonight!

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  1. oh man! i know what you mean. we've got a 30 pound little mister who takes up twice as much space in my bed as either T or me! how do they do that? thankfully, he's not been doing too much of that lately. last night he did tho. hopefully he doesn't plan on making it a habit again!


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