Thursday, January 1, 2009

resoloution anyone?

usually i'm not one for new year's resolutions. i, honestly, can't remember ever really making one. yes, most years i think to myself that i want to drop a few pounds, be a better wife, exercise more regularily, etc. but i don't make intentional resolutions and plans to actually do those things. anyway, i caught wind of this "resolution" that beth moore was challenging women to. if you don't know beth moore, i'm so sorry!! you really should do something about that . . . she is one of my favorite people (although i've never met her!) and i am so thankful for her! she is an author, speaker and teacher who writes Bible studies (mainly) for women. i think i've done 6 or 7 of her studies and have learned so much from her. anyway, beth's challenge was to memorize 2 scriptures a month for the whole year. so, knowing that i'm the kind of person who needs a little external motivation and who is also motivated by accountability and my need to be responsible and follow through on things i've committed to, i decided that i'm in; i'm gonna do it! so, i just thought i'd put it out there and make myself that much more committed to do it! feel free to join me if you want, i think it's a tremendous goal for 2009, but you'll be gettin' no pressure from me so you're on your own there! if you do decided you want to do this too, i would love to know it. maybe i can ask you how it's goin' for you and you can do the same for me. it's nice to know that others are with ya in stuff like this. anyway, beth's plan is that you can memorize whichever 24 scriptures you would like, and ones that would be especially meaningful and helpful to your personal life. so, here is the first scripture that i'm going to memorize in 2009:
for the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations. (psalm 100.5, niv)

if you want in, that's great! if you want to know more about beth's original idea, it started on her blog, and you can check it out here. if you want to do this too, you can "register" the fact that you are taking part in it on her blog . . . so far over 2,500 people are planning on taking part: pretty cool, i'd say! blessings on you!

oh yeah, i'll try to remember and post the scriptures that i'm memorizing on the blog . . . and maybe i'll even work on having the kids (and kirb too) join me in my memorization and it can be a family affair! the plan is to start the new scripture on the 1st and 15th of each month. so, keep your eye out.

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