Saturday, January 17, 2009

there were 4 in the bed, and the little one said . . .

so last night wasn't the best sleep night around here either . . . it seems to be a pattern lately! 6 of the 7 of us were up again at some point (the 7th one is a pretty sound sleeper and, unfortunately, can sometimes even sleep through the need to go potty. bummer, i know!) there were bad dreams, loud noises, claims of "i don't know how to sleep", babies who needed to nurse (ok, only one baby. don't get all excited or anything!). for a couple hours early, early this morning i slept on my side so close to the edge of MY bed i was sure someone might shove me overboard. there were 4 of us in our queen-sized bed at that point . . . 2 too many, in my opinion!

one of the kiddos is scheduled for their sleepover at ama & bop bop's tonight so that's SHOULD make our odds better for decent sleep tonight, but i think the girls have plans in the works for a sleep over with their bestest friends (who happen to be sisters), so instead of being down to 4 kids, we might be up to 6! oh well, i do know (in my head, anyway) that eventually there will come a day when no one will climb in bed with us at night and no one will need us to calm nerves after bad dreams and scary, loud noises so i'll try and enjoy it while i can -- tired as i am -- for i DO know that it won't last and some day i will long for all that this season in my life has to offer!

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  1. I feel your pain. Someone is always visiting in the night. Only we have a king bed and I rarely wake up, even when kids are on top of me, lol. Our latest is that 5yr. Maggie believes firmly that she doesn't sleep at all during the night, ever.

    Now that number 6 is almost 2 I can say that I don't feel nearly as sleep deprived as I used to.


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