Monday, January 12, 2009

the best-laid plans . . .

so much for not going out anymore today. i just had to leave the comfort of my nice warm house to pick jacob up from school . . . bad headache & a fever! poor bud!
i can't believe i had to go all the way to falcon on a snowy day. all the way to falcon! (that is supposed to remind you of the line from toy story 2 when al has to drive -- across the street -- to work and says: "i can't believe i have to go all the way to work on a saturday. all the way to work!")

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  1. Hi Shana!
    I saw your comment on my blog, and had to pop over and check out your blog. It's great!

    Your family is beautiful...and big! We have 3 boys and are considering #4. I'm the hesitant one. How is the jump from 3 to 4?


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