Thursday, January 8, 2009

thankful thursday

my friend, anne, does this on her blog and i've loved the idea for quite a while now so i thought i'd just copy her and do it too! so here goes:
thankful thursday #1:
i am thankful for so many things that it's hard to narrow it down. thankfully (pun intended!) there is a thursday each and every week, so i'll have more chances!
today i am thankful for the library! (i was just there this morning, in fact!) i LOVE to read and don't have tons of extra money to buy books, nor space to store them. plus, once i've read them i don't so much see the point of letting them get dusty on a shelf somewhere. our library is close to our house -- we can even walk (you know, when the weather cooperates!) and it's very rare that they don't have a book that i am looking for. you can request stuff online and they stick it right there on a shelf near the door in alphabetical order by last name so you don't even have to cart your 5 kiddos into the depths of the library to search for it on a shelf, while losing 2 or 3 of your kids while the other 2 or 3 make more noise than is polite at a library, only to find that the book is already checked out by another book-lover and you'll have to try again in a couple days: what a deal!! it's SO nice of them. you can return stuff without leaving your mini-van (yeah, drive thru!!) and you can even borrow newly released movies for FREE. amazing, i know! i am such a library girl that joe often asked if we "borrowed" this or that from the library (like, for example, toothpaste or apples! nope bud, unfortunately those we have to pay for!)


  1. Ah yes, reading...I barely have time to read my bible, let alone a book. I do like to read though, but it's unfortunately not on my list of priorities right now. Maybe later...

    Glad to get some "reading time"

  2. We LOVE the library. And the online request system makes homeschooling easier.


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