Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the sleepover

since there was no school on monday, we indulged the girls in the sleepover they had been begging for for quite some time! it's so nice to have our girls best friends be sisters too! it makes life just a little simpler. so sunday night the fun began. there was so much fun to cram into the time they had together, so they got at it right away. there was much american girl love goin' on. kit, molly, molly, kirsten, elizabeth and bitty were just as thrilled to be together as rebekah, lydia, fran & ev! they even all went to bed pretty cooperatively and weren't even up that late.

they woke up extra early, ready for more fun! kirbs took the boys (and anna) to the Y in the morning, so we had lots of fun girl fun. we made valentines that will eventually end up some local children's hospitals for kids who won't be able to attend any fun valentine's day festivities. i think we made nearly 4 dozen! fran and rebekah were especially into it.

we made some nummy puppy chow. luckily there were just the right number of ingredients that everyone got to be in charge of their own. plus then everyone got a turn shaking the bag to make sure it was well coated with the powdered sugar!

kirsten, kit, molly & molly (fran's molly is wearing the fancy dress and the molly in the t-shirt is lj's) watch the puppy chow-making.

a fun time was had by all and kirb and i even got a decent night's sleep . . . even better than some nights recently. amazing, since there were 7 kids in the house! friends are the best!

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