Saturday, January 3, 2009

the big day!

well, today is pretty much over and we all made it . . . heather & robert are officially married and the kids' big day is at an end. they both did quite well (joe & lydia, that is), all things considered: joe refused to wear his vest, coat or shoes for a while there and was finally convinced to put them back on . . . all but the shoes. he just wore his own and it was fine. also, he told me that when he got up onto the stage he was going to sing!! hmmm, i didn't remember that being part of the "plan" as we had discussed it! i inquired as to what he was planning to sing and he responded "dora!" . . . nice! thankfully, he didn't actually sing once he got up there, although he did stomp his feet rather loudly in the middle of the ceremony and then proceed to lay down right there in the middle of the front of the church and not get up. heather and robert graciously steped over him as they "recessed" from the church (is that the right word, recessed? i figured it's got to be called a "recessional" for some reason, and i don't think it has a thing to do with the economy!) lydia was in heaven and followed heather and "the girls" (the bridesmaids, who are now her new best friends!) around for the ENTIRE day! she even danced with heather in the third dance. you know how it is: bride & groom, bride & bride's father followed by bride & flower girl! then follow that up with bride, groom & flower girl all dancing together! what good sports they are! thanks guys! also, as a thank you for being a trooper and doing a "good job" at the wedding joey was rewarded with a 20 oz. bottle of dr pepper which he was thrilled with and had completely polished off before he got to our house from church! yikes! i'm not sure i'll be thanking robert & heather for that particular reward!! any sleepiness he was experiencing at the wedding is long since gone, that's for sure! he is a big fan of dr pepper (as is his mother!!) but really, 20 oz? he is 3!! and what about me?? for heaven's sake, i was the one who did all the actual work. where's my treat?? oh well. in case you want to see a few pictures, here you go. (ok, i admit there are a few more than a few!) enjoy 'em!

lydia & heather

sleepy boy

wedding kids

praying (notice how angelic lj looks: hands folded, head bowed and everything!)

joe laying down on the job (this picture doesn't QUITE capture the fact that most of the time he was literally laying down . . . flat on his stomach, one leg over the little ledge!)

grumpy boy
he perked up a little!
joey & robert
the whole crew
lydia & robert's dance

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  1. just to warn you i said look for a can, but see hwat happens... thats what you get for putting maid of honor in charge of reward.. sorry!



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