Saturday, September 13, 2008

oh crap!

well, today is a banner day at our house . . . joey pooped on the toilet (ok, it was the potty chair, but as long as i didn't have to wipe it off his cute little butt i'm not going to be picky!) we've been trying for months now to get to this day with absolutely no cooperation from mr. joe! we've tried most every kind of bribery we could think of and all we got was whining and begging every time we went to the store to "please buy me some more diapers, mom!" anyway, i guess he finally decided it was an alright thing to do because he did it all by himself while the rest of the family was eating lunch (appetizing, i know. but we didn't care!). rebekah went to wash her hands when she was finished with her food and came back screaming "joey pooped, joey pooped!", so we all gather around to check out the poop (and the stink!! yikes! it was huge and it stunk up the whole house!) and cheered him on with hugs and high fives and all sorts of fanfare!

this can of dr. pepper (the whole thing) was his reward. he was THRILLED with that since he is a major fan of caffeine (you know, average 3-year-old stuff . . . coffee, dr. pepper, coke, lattes, coolers, tea: anything brownish in color . . . he has some eerie 6th sense for anything caffinated: somehow he knows to completely ignore stuff like, say, root beer which has no caffeine. i don't claim to understand this at all!) warning: for those of you easily grossed out by dirt or germs and stuff, you might not like this story: i found him once crouched over our recycling tub (outside, mind you!) putting every single pop can up to his lips in hopes that there was just a couple drops left in there that he could savor. he's like some sort of desperate addict!

anyway, yeah for joe and the poop!


  1. yay Joey! what a big day. Isn't it funny how excited we get about these things. It's like getting four hours of sleep at a stretch. Love you guys!


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