Saturday, September 13, 2008

laundry, laundry, laundry

alright, so our washing machine is broken. argh! last night we went out research shopping for a new one . . . did you know they make $5000 washing machines, yikes!! how can it possibly be that wonderful? at this point my mom, bless her heart, has been taking baskets of dirty laundry and bringing them back clean and folded . . . maybe it'll take a while to replace ours??? it's a pretty good gig, thanks mom! seriously though, if you love your washing machine, or if you hate yours, i would love to know. any advice and input you have in this decision would be helpful. i got some wonderful advice from an appliance repair guy on a few brands to stay away from in his opinion, which is always great to know. anyway, laundry is one thing i will NOT be doing today, i guess.
enjoy your weekend and the amazing fall weather . . . it's my absolute favorite!!!


  1. Did you talk to Danny with Covenant Appliance Repair? This is probably not what you are interested in but we bought ours used and it has been going strong for 5 years. Probably not what you are interested in but just throwing it out there.

    Your brother.

  2. luke,
    thanks so much for danny's info. he sent me back the nicest email with lots of helpful info. good brands to buy and things to look for -- plus a estimate on fixing ours and the advice that it wasn't worth fixing since it's over 10 years old. (which is exactly what i expected) i don't think we can afford a new one right now, so we probabaly will go with a used one. we just went shopping to see what options are out there and what new prices are so we can know what would be a good deal and what wouldn't. i have his info and will probably get in touch with him this week. i've been looking at craigslist, but there isn't much worthwhile on there right now, so i probably will have danny look for a used one for me (is that where you got yours). anyway, thanks again for the info.
    also, i just made a special little something for haddon (ok, really more for you and jenn at this point, since haddon couldn't care less). i'll have to get it to you sometime!
    love you!


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