Friday, September 5, 2008

the new kid in town (ok, minneapolis, but we'll forgive him!)

introducing . . . haddon christian carlson! we are thrilled to have a new little man in our family. my brother, luke, and his wife, jenn, (actually mostly jenn!!!) just had this little guy and we're in love already. haddon was born exactly 5 months after anna and i know they are gonna be best buds! (in case you aren't keeping up on anna's exact age, he was born on 8/28). welcome, precious haddon. we love you lots and are thrilled to finally have a cousin who doesn't live a days drive away from us!

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  1. Haddon was thrilled to see that he was featured on The Stoll Crew blog. He was so thrilled that he opened one eye while nursing. Then he promptly went back to sleep. That may not seem like much but if you know Haddon that is a lot.


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