Tuesday, September 9, 2008

he can bring home the bacon . . .

i realized today that i have completely neglected to post a picture of (or even mention) the most important member of the stoll crew . . . kirbs! ok, i know we're all important, but really . . . he makes the money, cooks the food, keeps me sane and just generally is the best guy around. so, here he is! my best friend, my husband, the love of my life, the world's greatest dad, super-duper worker person, man of God . . . and the list goes on!

i love ya, babe! welcome to the blog!

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  1. Shana!

    I'm so excited you're a blogger. I guess all my pennies in the wishing well paid off. Now we Silly's can get a Stoll-kid fix anytime. And thanks for linking to our blog. :)

    Hello to Kirby, Jacob, Rebekah, Lydia (Avenue), Joe, and Anna!

    Mrs. Silly
    (and Mr. Silly and "Ruthie")


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