Wednesday, September 17, 2008

miracle of the week!

God is so good, God is so good, God is so good. He's so good to me!
He cares for me, He cares for me, He cares for me. He's so good to me!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow . . .

so, usually doing laundry doesn't make me want to burst out in song (and since i'm not the best singer around, i'm sure my family appreciates that) but today doing the laundry brings these two songs to mind (and ALMOST to my lips too, but anna's sleeping so i'll hold myself back). this is our "new" washing machine. it was delivered, FREE OF CHARGE, to our garage yesterday and last night kirb and my dad lugged it out of the garage, down the basement steps and hooked it all up in my laundry room! yeah! our 10-year-old washer broke about 2 weeks ago and we'd been hunting for a replacement, but without much extra cash to spend on it, that was a little tricky!

now, this is kind of a long story, but it's good so stick with me: my mom was talking to her friend peggy, and mentioned that our washer had "died" (she may have mentioned it due to the fact that in the interim between the old washer breaking and getting the new one my mom had been our laundry lady . . . picking up dirty baskets full and delivering them back to us clean and folded: admittedly i had a pretty good gig going) now peggy's husband, bob, is buddies with gary who does remodeling work. (i've never met gary in my life) now peg knew that gary was remodelling a house on lake of the isles (this is a good sign!!) and that the homeowners had ordered some new appliances to go with the remodel (sounds rough, i know) and they had asked gary to "get rid" of the old ones . . . are you still with me? well, when peg heard my mom say our washer had broken she got really excited and told my mom she knew where we could get one and told my mom about gary. as it turns out gary was out of town fishing and she woudn't be able to get a hold of him for a few days. peg left messages on all gary's various phones and when he got back to town he called her and she told him of our plight. gary, who was planning to sell the washer (and dryer . . . did i mention we got a "new" dryer too?), took pity on us because back in the day he had 5 little kids too! (thanks anna for tippin' the scales for us and bringin' us up to a 5-kid family!) and said that he would give them to us and that he and bob would even deliver them to our house the next morning . . . he had to have them out that exact day! what a miracle. (thanks again mom, peg, bob, & gary . . . and God!!) do you believe it?

so the washer (which is only 2 years old!) is in and hooked up and has already been tested (the laundry had piled up just a little even with my moms hard work . . . 7 people make lots of diry clothes!!) and the clothes are comin' out cleaner than they went in and there isn't a trail of water coming out from under it . . . praise the Lord! (which was what happened with the old one). so we are thrilled!! since we got a "new" dryer out of the deal too, we have an appliance repair guy (who is a friend of my brother's) coming to make a new gas hook up in our basement so that i'll have 2 dryers, which is great because if you know anything about laundry you'll know that it takes longer to dry than it does to wash, so this way i can just keep the laundry flowin' and stuff can get cleaner and dryer faster then ever! plus he'll take away the broken washer (and a broken dishwasher that's been sitting in our garage for quite a while!) while he's at it. anyway, what an unexpected answer to prayer, a blessing and a true miracle our family got this week. we are so grateful! (plus anna's cute little butt is grateful too . . . she usually wears cloth diapers, but given our situation had switched to disposable for a time and she got a nasty little diaper rash. just one day with the cloth ones back and her little butt is rash-free and cute as ever! yeah!)

note: i realize that a new washer does not make my yucky laundry room that much prettier, so just ignore the ugliness of the unpainted sheetrock behind and just look at the washer. also, note the pile of CLEAN laundry on the dryer . . . yeah! we're back in business!


  1. Yay, Shana! What a gift! Your new mean cleanin' machine is beautiful and shiny. Thank you for the lifted my spirits:-)

  2. Shana...I have been thinking about your situation with the washer. With 8 in our family it never stop running. We had to get a new stove at Christmas time and now just are waiting for a new kitchen sink and faucets, as ours both developed cracks. So YAY GOD...He really knows our needs!

  3. What a great "Yea, God!" story! That is so cool, Shana. And hey, don't I recognize that basement?! : )



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