Tuesday, September 9, 2008

the great minnesota get together

so, in case you didn't know we are BIG state fair people (and part of our "big-ness" comes directly from the fair thanks to cheese curds, mini donuts, pork chops on a stick, french fries and yummy stuff like that)! we went to the fair twice this year, both times for about 9 hours and yes, we had all 5 kiddos with us for all of those 18+ hours! (i would have loved to sneak back one evening with just the hubby, but that didn't happen . . . maybe next year). here are a few pics from our times there. enjoy!

the kiddos all set for day #1 of the 2008 state fair. they are ready to begin "fair-ing" after a quick stop at the biffy after approximately 45 seconds inside the fairgrounds. since we just walked through the gates they are still pretty clean and perky (at least rebekah is!)

so, the little guy in this picture who doesn't quite look like a stoll isn't (everybody sing . . . one of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong). his name is sam and we love him as much as any stoll. he is the adorable son of my best friend allison (although she goes by "allie" these days and i'm having a hard time conforming on that one after over 20 years of habit. i usually just call her al) and her wonderful husband justin. sam wants to have "7 brothers and sisters just like shana's family" -- i'm with ya on that one, buddy, but there aren't quite that many kids here, although often it seems like there are!

here's the whole wonderful family: justin, sam and allie, aren't they cute!! -- everyone say "ava" (ava is sam's sister who justin and al are in the process of adopting from korea. she's not even really born yet, but her name will be ava. now if we could just speed up the process and get her here that would be splendid!)

here is one of me with anna and a couple in the background who have a lot of their money invested in various body art . . . ahhh, the people watching one can do at the fair. anna was a good sport and spent lots of time in the sling at the fair since she's not really super fond of the stroller! sorry no pics of kirbs since he was the official camera operator of our visit to the fair!
we hope you made it to the fair too and had a great time!


  1. ok, 3 comments...
    has bek been watching "the parent trap"??? because that sure looks like my parent trap "lets get together" pose!! ask rach.
    is that a purple cowgirl hat on annabelle? that is the cutest thing ive seen in a long time!!
    and...ive been wondering when the next newman is coming!!! im so excited for them!! congratulations al!
    and thats it.

  2. Oh my gosh, it was so fun to see Allison (er, Allie)! Please tell her I said hello.
    Also enjoyed reading the things your children say. (When I was in first grade, a nun caught me throwing away my milk.... I cried, "But I'm allergic to white milk! I can only drink chocolate!"
    So good to see you this summer, Shana.

  3. i don't think she's ever seen the parent trap, but that makes me want to watch it.
    no, it's NOT a cowgirl hat. it's a speedo spf sun hat so her sweet little head doesn't burn, thank you very much, but it does totally look like a cowboy hat in that particular picture. (i didn't actually purchase it, it was a hand me down and she needed a tad bit of shade at the fair)
    hopefully little ava will be home next summerish.


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