Thursday, September 11, 2008

brownies anyone?

joe "helped" me make brownies this afternoon. tough work, huh bud?
a little clean up at the sink.
the brownies are very neccessary to combat the new back-to-school get-fit regimine that my friend tricia and i have embarked on. tomorrow is day 3 of "body pump" class to try to get a little bit toned and maybe drop a pound or 2. i ache all over (and have since monday when we kicked off this insanity), but from what i hear eventually i will actually enjoy it . . . i'm not holdin' my breath for that one though! i'll try and kept you up-to-date on the progress! for now the brownies should do a good job of reversing any positive effects from the first 2 workouts!

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  1. I have about two seconds but just wanted to say my son looked EXACTLY like that today -- only not brownies, puppy chow (the chocolate kind, not the dog kind)!


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