Sunday, September 21, 2008

4,383 days

a little jeopardy for ya:

answer: 1.2 decades, 4,383 days, 105,192 hours, 12 years -- long enough for: 5 kids, 1 apartment, 1 house, 5 jobs, 49 birthdays (12 for me, 12 for kirb, 9 for jacob, 7 for rebekah, 6 for lydia, and 3 for joe), a dozen christmases, 3 er visits, 1 pet, 7 vehicles, 2 different centuries . . .

question: what is: how long have you been married?

kirbs, today marks our 12th anniversary! happy anniversary, my love. i love you even more today then i did on that (slightly rainy) september day in 1996! thanks for a dozen wonderful years of being my husband and best friend (you've been my best friend for nearly 17 years now, actually!) our life . . . it's a crazy ride. i'm so glad we're on it together! I LOVE YOU!

blog followers, i hope you enjoy these pictures of 2 little kids who were (and are) very much in love! and if you were there with us on that day, thanks for stickin' with us through the years: take a minute to remember the yummy leaf cookies, the vw bug convertables, the slideshow of baby pictures (which wasn't something everyone did, back in the day . . . it was new & exciting!), the BIG glasses that chuck wore as he pronounced us "husband and wife", the live 4-piece string ensemble, blowing bubbles in the rain and the miriad of really cute little girls who charmed all who were there . . . just to name a few things. if you have other carlson/stoll wedding memories, i'd love to hear 'em!

i can't think about my anniversary without thinking of ron & mary (allison's parents) who have graciously shared this special date with us through the past 11 anniversaries . . . today would have been their 40th. mary died in may. ron & mary celebrated their 28th anniversary at our wedding (watching allison as the best maid-of-honor ever!) and each year on this day i have thought of them too, as i think back to our wedding and remember our anniversary! mary is missed deeply by many and will never be forgotten. ron, allie, justin & sam (ava too) . . . you are in our thoughts and prayers today (as you are all the time). we love you!


  1. oh shana! I so remember the bugs... and amy falling asleep :) I am so happy for you guys! May God bless you in the MANY years to come!!

  2. Happy anniversary Shana and Kirb!!! You are an inspiration to us and we love you! We would say we'd babysit for you so you could go out and celebrate, but considering we have a hard enough time watching one baby boy right now, we might have to work up to having 5 more. Hope to see you soon!

  3. Congrats on 12 years! And to think that was the first wedding I have ever attended. I was honored to be a part of your wedding.



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