Friday, September 19, 2008

funny boy

note: this post will only make sense if you read the one titled "oh crap" from about a week ago. if you didn't read that one, read it first or you'll just think i'm generally a gross person who likes to tell stories about poop. really, that's not who i am . . . overall anyway, but an occassional poop story can be known to lift the spirits and make me laugh! i have a good one i could tell on jacob from when he was about 1, but i will restrain myself!! (if you really, really want to know, i guess i might tell you. but you'll have to ask real nice!)

listen in on this lovely conversation that took place in our home this afternoon . . .

joe: "mom, where are you?"
mom: "in the bathroom."
joe: "mom, are you goin' poop?"
mom: "yes."

joe comes into the bathroom to join me (what fun!!!)

joe (very excited): "good job mom. you get some dr pepper! i'll get you some"

so, that's just a small peek into every day life around here. just makes you want to come on over and join the fun, doesn't it? the perk that came out of this, though, is that joe decided that he wanted to share my reward dr pepper with me and he pooped too (. . . on the toilet, which is still a big deal around here! yeah joe!)

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