Thursday, September 18, 2008


haddon came over for a visit today (um, jenn came too i guess) to celebrate his 3-week birthday stoll-style. that might not be completely true . . . it may have had more to do with the fact that his parents wanted me to matt and frame a picture for them, but i'm not 100% sure on that! maybe it was just because haddon missed me so much he couldn't stand it anymore.
well, lucky me jenn had to make a quick trip to the store and deemed me worthy to watch him for a little bit. (YEAH!) i seized the opportunity and pulled off a little photo shoot.

are they cousins or what? notice how they even hold their arms exactly the same. funny, huh?
i think they're pretty much the cutest babies around!

ok, maybe they won't be bff's. nice upercut, haddon! but watch out buddy, she has 4 older brothers and sisters so she's pretty tough. you might not want to mess with her!

haddon & joey: sweet boys!

alright buddy, i get the hint . . . haddon grew a little tired of his auntie taking his pictures and wanted to move on to something new.

we had a great time with him and hope he comes back again soon!

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  1. Great photos. Haddon had a wonderful time visiting his aunt and cousins.


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