Thursday, May 5, 2011

thrifty thursday :: entertainment

We use the library LOTS :: storytime during the week, books, movies, wii games, audio books, music. It's the best! And with the exception of the rare overdue fine, it's free! {I do realize that it isn't really free, our taxes pay for it. But we pay for it whether we use it or not, so you might as well use it, don't you think?} We don't have cable or Netflix or anything and we very rarely rent movies {redbox is a genius idea though, amen?}. We get 99% of our movies from the library. Sometimes you have to get in line, so to speak, for new or popular movies, but we don't mind the wait . . . the delayed gratification makes it all the more exciting when it finally comes in. So, visit your local library today! {or, I guess you could visit my local library. Everyone else does! It's the busiest library in the state, you know. Yup, it's true.}


  1. We love our library, too. Getting a movie there for tonight, in fact!

  2. Our library is invaluable to our homeschooling. Don't know how I lived years ago without the option of searching and reserving materials online! And I LOVE the "wish list" function online. My list is full :)


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