Saturday, May 21, 2011


My parents were gone for 9 days. They got home Thursday night. On Friday morning they came over to see us. In the week they were gone many things stayed the same, but a few other {significant} things didn't. While they were gone Sara changed quite a bit ::
  • she mastered crawling {and is VERY quick!}
  • she pulled herself to standing in her crib {and the mattress hadn't yet been lowered all the way, because where in the world did that skill come from? Thankfully, she didn't headplant onto the floor}
  • she got her first 2 teeth
  • she mastered going from laying to sitting to crawling in every possible combination
  • she decided she's not as fond of sleep as she once was
  • she's further refined her amazing ability to have all 7 of the other people in her family wrapped around her chubby little finger!
What a week! Welcome home Ama & BopBop! {we missed you!}

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