Saturday, December 20, 2008

welcome to minnesota!

it's been snowing here ALL day long. when i took the kids to piano this morning i couldn't make it up the hill to my grandma's place. we had to trudge through the snow on foot from the bottom of the hill to get to our lessons. (it reminded me of our days living in woodbury when we couldn't make it up the driveway and had to park at the bottom -- some of you may remember said driveway quite well!!) so, since we arrived home we have just stayed put . . . well, except for kirb who performed his church choir christmas cantada at rosedale today . . . and joe who got picked up a couple hours ago for his turn in the sleepover rotation at my parents! the kids (well, except anna!) played outside in the powder for a long time and got really cold and arrived inside really wet and with rosy cheeks and cold toes! we've been out shovelling at least 4 or 5 times already today . . . hope everyone is staying safe and if you're not in minnesota to enjoy the beauty of the snow . . . bummer for you!

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