Sunday, December 28, 2008

my baby boy is growin' up

ever since he could talk joe has always called his curly-haired sister "ruck-ah", but this week he started calling her rebekah! it's pretty cute, but makes me a little sad too!
so, joe has quite a few pronunciation issues, one of which is that he has trouble with t's. he loves all things train (or, shall i say "crain"?) anyway, when kirbs was in chicago for work he saw a thomas book (joe loves thomas!) called "a crack in the track". i'm sure you can imagine the plot . . . it's not too complex. but kirb said he HAD to buy it because he laughed just thinking about joe talking about the book: "please read me a crack in the crack." . . . since those two words sound the same when he says them. anyway, thanks to the great gift from dad, if he tries really, really hard he can kinda get it to sound like it starts with a t instead of a c. silly boy!

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