Monday, December 1, 2008

honestly, slow down already!

well, i can't believe it but december is upon us. yikes! i hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving and found as much to be thankful for as i did . . . and that is TONS! oh the blessings!
we spent thanksgiving "up nort" with kirb's family. the more than 15 hours with 7 people in the van in a 4-day span wasn't the most fun i've had lately, but the time between the long road trips was good (mostly . . . with a hint of sickness from a couple of us, or maybe a few is more accurate). there was lots of energy and noise as 13 kids (11 & under) and 10 adults spent the better part of a few days ALL together. but it made for easy reminders of the things we are grateful for. here's a picture with all 13 of the kiddos and the majority of the adults too. we were ready to eat and happy to be together! kirb's parents are on the far right and beyond that i'm not going to bother telling you who everyone else is:

today i have 2 sick kiddos at home (and one no-too-sick). rebekah had to stay home from school (she was extra bummed because it is evelyn's first day back and she is missing it) since she spent yesterday afternoon and evening kneeling over the toilet! yuck! joe followed in her wake and started this morning . . . not so much over the toilet though, mostly all over the hallway! double yuck! anna is home too (since she has no where else to go) and seems relatively healthy with the exception of the especially gross, stinky mess i found in her diaper this morning! i'm hopin' and prayin' that the rest of us steer clear of it!
well, a happy, thought-filled, reflective, beautiful december (and advent season) to all of you! may the blessings abound in your life (and hopefully a lovely dusting of white fluffiness)!

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