Saturday, December 13, 2008

green girl

anna was dressed all in green today. even her diaper was green (both figuratively and literally. it was green in color and made of cloth. i'm pretty sure she's not the jealous type though, so that's where the analogy ends . . . no "green with envy" for anna!) i didn't do the green diaper thing on purpose (the color that is, the other "green-ness" was intentional -- you don't do loads and loads of poop-filled laundry accidentally!), but i noticed it when i was changing her and everything was green! i figured you would all probably want to know about it too . . . actually, i realize that you probably DON'T care one way or the other, but i found it was funny and since i get to pick what gets posted i went with it . . . no one is making you read the blog you know. you can quit whenever you want and i won't even know. but if you keep reading you might have to put up with antics like that from me on occassion! it's all up to you!

also, anna wanted to tell a certain blog reader that she misses you lots! she says that you know who you are and she can't wait until she can see you and "talk" to you in person! see, she's even looking for you? she won't even look at her momma! (ok, that's a little exaggeration, i admit!)


  1. That's my baby...both literally and figuratively...ILY!!! Sorry for the mess. But she sure looks cute. Could you sniff her for me? I'm a little low on baby. BE

  2. ok, i am dying!! she is the cutest!!! i just love seeing her pictures and cant wait to meet her...hopefully she's not 10 by then! just kidding! and, of course paige isnt the only "cutest" in my life, but she is the best 2 1/2 week old i could imagine!! annabelle is definitely the cutest youngest stoll kid i could imagine!! and yes, she looks so much like cakes! i loved him at that age! love YOU!


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