Thursday, December 25, 2008


ok, so i took some stuff out of the dryer just now (i was up before 5 doing laundry: i heard joe crying from upstairs and came down to check on him. in all the commotion of christmas and the late service at church and not being at home . . . yadda, yadda . . . he never got a diaper on under his pj’s — he still wears one to bed — before he went down for the night and, thus, he had peed in his bed and was wet and cold . . . suprising, i know! so, that’s why i was doing laundry at 5 on christmas morning . . . while “the children — and kirb — were nestled all snug in their beds” — well, joe was on the couch with a blanket but i digress . . . when i took the load out of the dryer there were lots of little (very clean) pieces of white tissue-like paper in the dryer. (i find all manner of things in the dryer, since i'm not good at remembering to check pockets and such. yesterday, amazingly, it was a dollar that i found!!! i was so excited . . . it doesn’t take much, i’m a pretty simple girl!) anyway, back to the story . . . after discovering the 5th or 6th piece of this “stuff” i vaguely remembered lydia telling me something about not wiping well and just “putting some toilet paper in my underwear”. i guess that remedies the laziness that would make you rationalize not wiping your butt in an acceptable way! anyhow, mystery solved! nice one, lj! you are nearly 7, i think it's about time you really learned how to wipe your crack without having to stick toilet paper in your undies!
now, i'm fairly certain my kids aren't the only ones to pull stunts like these and so i ask: what antics have your precious little stinkers pulled lately?

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  1. Ainsley chose to not sleep at all on Christmas Eve at my parents' house. I guess the anticipation for the morning was just too much!



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