Friday, December 19, 2008

flashback friday

a decade worth of stoll christmas pictures . . . enjoy!

kirby, shana, jacob: 1999
kirby, [pregnant] shana, jacob: 2000

kirby, jacob, [pregnant] shana, rebekah: 2001

rebekah, kirby, jacob, shana, lydia: 2002

kirby, lydia, jacob, shana, rebekah: 2003

kirby, [pregnant] shana, lydia, jacob, rebekah: 2004

jacob, kirby, joe, shana, rebekah, lydia: 2005

jacob, kirby, rebekah, shana, joe, lydia: 2006
kirby, jacob, rebekah, joe, [pregnant] shana, lydia: 2007

kirby, lydia, anna, joe, shana, jacob, rebekah: 2008


  1. What a cute post. I am wanting to see THIS year's picture!! I will have to post ours on fb or my blog. Lesson-the more kids in a family, the more times it takes to get a good picture, if you can call it that, haha.

  2. My favorite is 2006---I think it is your super cute haircut, Shana!

  3. Oh my goodness! I love this idea. Nice job. Kirby's hairstyle change was neat to see too! 2003 is my favorite though...Rebekah steals the show in that one!


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