Friday, December 26, 2008


anna slept from 10-something to 5-something last night! merry christmas to mom! i'm not sure that she's EVER slept that long in a stretch. i would say it's probably been about a year since i've gotten that many uninterrupted hours of sleep since late-pregnancy and sleep don't blend so well in my history! i'm thinkin' maybe it was all the turkey she had at her gg's house yesterday. you know, natural sedative and all? i'm prayin' it wasn't a fluke and repeats itself tonight! what are the odds of that?

update: anna did not duplicate her stellar night of sleeping . . . arghhh! i will leave it at that and not give you any details. they are not pretty! oh well, at least we know she is capable of it. that means something, right? on a funner (i know it's not a word, but it was what i wanted to convey here!) note, she stood up, completely unassisted, for about 45 seconds yesterday. well, i guess unassisted might not be entirely true. she can't do it unless she is holding on to something. leave her hands empty and she tips right over, put something in them and she's all skill!! it's funny to watch. yesterday her object of choice was the red and blue tupperware shape sorter ball that i'm quite confdient you have ALL played with at some point in your life. am i right? even if you didn't play with it as an actual child, you know you have pulled those yellow handles and dumped out the shapes and then put them all in their correct little holes! am i wrong? nope. you know you've doen it. great job, you know your shapes. i am so proud of you! anyway, anna. standing. holding the shape sorter. VERY cute!! (i just watched her do it, i didn't rush to get my camera, so as it turns out you'll just have to picture it in your sweet little imaginations . . . or stop over and i'll have her do it for you in person).


  1. This too shall pass! Just not fast enough it seems sometimes! hang in there!

  2. caleb loves playing with his tupperware shape sorter too. (we seem to be missing a few shapes though!)


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