Wednesday, December 24, 2008


well, it's here: christmas! christmas eve has always been the "big" day for my family and that is how i still think of it. we're just relaxing at home at the moment, but at 3:00 we are going to a family christmas eve service at a church in our neighborhood where the kids go to preschool -- it's our 2nd church "home". then we'll head over to my parents for the carlson christmas celebration and gift opening! then off to the 11:00 candlelight service at central . . . one of my favorite services of the year (i know, i said that about the thanksgiving service. what can i say . . . i love church!). followed by a [mostly likely overly tired, slightly crabby] trip home and then quickly we'll be off to bed. tomorrow we'll head over to my grandma's for yet another celebration. oh yeah, and friday morning (early) i'll be shoppin'!

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