Wednesday, December 31, 2008

it fits!

well, we went to pick up joe's tux today for the wedding that he (and lydia too) is in this weekend . . . it all fits, although the fact that you had to try it ALL on before leaving the store turned in to a 20-minute ordeal (with sick baby in tow!) . . . shoes, pants, shirt, vest, tie, coat and the very necessary button extender for his above-average sized neck! anyway, it's all in a bag hanging in the hallway waiting for the big day. joe is also excited to have a tie because now he can "go to work", i hope he's not too bummed when we return it all on sunday! i guess he'll not be able to work until we buy him a tie . . . i think jacob had one when he was about joe's age, i'll have to dig around a little and find it!


  1. joe's so handsome in his tux! hope he has fun in the wedding...lydia too. happy new year from our fam to yours!

  2. What a great expression! I love it! Don't blink, cuz they will be fitting into sooner than you think!


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