Thursday, October 28, 2010

thankful thursday

This week I'm especially thankful for my house. Seemingly overnight it got super chilly here and more blustery than I ever remember. The high today is supposed to only be 41, I think, and the other night the wind was blowing at 62 mph. Really now, it was in the 70's just the other day . . . what a crazy place we live!

Anyhow, I was really amazed that we didn't have more damage with all the winds the past few days. Quite a few branches are strewn in our yard, but that was the extent of it. Driving yesterday morning I saw a child's bicycle on top of the roof of a house a couple blocks from us. The kids bus was late because there was a big part of a tree blocking the road and the bus couldn't get through. Our friends needed to "rescue" their trampoline from the neighbor's tree at midnight.

So, that brings me to my wonderful house :: it has kept me safe and {mostly} warm -- I'm pretty much always a tad on the chilly side about 8 months out of the year! I have had basically no desire to open the door and even step foot outside. Our heat works and we didn't lose power {like so many people did -- even in our neighborhood}. Praise God for a sturdy, heated home! I am thankful.

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