Monday, October 25, 2010

multitude monday

Here's my continuing Multitude Monday post, which all started a while back, right here.

"One Thousand Gifts":

898. my grandma's laughter
899. fall colors
900. a family hike on Barn Bluff

901. no more cord for Sara {it fell off on day 12 -- after a few days of tremendous stink!}
902. introducing Sara to more friends
903. an extra-long weekend
904. Saturday afternoon nap . . . cuddled up with an adorable 2-week-old
905. unexpected generosity and blessings galore
906. successfully finding "shoes" that stay on Sara's feet and keep them toasty warm {thanks to Peapods!}
907. 4 generations of {Fletcher/Carlson/Stoll} women

908. fresh, clean {flannel} sheets
909. dinner at my parents910. this guy {and his new shirt}911. my new bracelet {with names and birthstones of all 6 kiddos}
912. middle-of-the-night thunderstorm {I love a good thunderstorm, and we really needed the rain}
913. non-maternity pants that button {under "normal" circumstances they're a bit big . . . but let's not think about that, ok?}

Alrighty, that's it's for now. Tune in next Monday for the next installment.

holy experience


  1. I love the bracelet. I wonder if they would make it with 9 charms?

  2. nice shirt, kirby! beautiful bracelet--can't wait to see yours. have i mentioned that i'm simply dying to meet sara! when are you guys coming to visit?!?! or do we need to take a weekend and come down?

  3. lol! i just realized that in my previous comment it sounds like i'm saying the bracelet is kirby's too. of course, that's NOT what i meant!

    so, just to be clear, it's a lovely bracelet, SHANA! :D


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